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Welcome to 2to6 Records web base.
2to6 Records is a small indie label dedicated in psychedelic trance for the late hours of the night.

2TO6 Records is proud to present the third album of Swiss artist AIRI aka Felix Ackermann... ...after defining his style & skills with his albums "Smyle" & "Lifebird", Airi is back on the scene with "LABORATEC", a musical suprise with fresh sounds that combines both the trademark sounds & the dancefloor dynamics of his former productions! LABORATEC is a powerful album with a whole new range of minimalistic and funky night-sounds that continues our exciting musical journey with our label 2TO6 Records. AIRI has been crafting this release for more than a year, to provide the listener maximum pleasure and a deep and energetic dancefloor ride... 2TO6 Records guarantees all listeners a high quality psychedelic trance experience at its best, for your enjoyment throughout the night! 2TO6 Records
--- OUT NOW --- SIGNAL2NOISE RATIO - Retaliation --- OUT NOW --- 2TO6 Records proudly presents the debut ep "RETALIATION" developed by the psychedelic trance project SIGNAL2NOISE RATIO... ...containing three high quality tracks created to transform SIGNALs into a series of intense, confused and psychedelic sounds... The quantitative relation between deep atmospheres and a intelligent concept results in a perfectly balanced RATIO of ravishing grimness and high perceptible suspense within a powerfull danceable structure... Enjoy, Think for yourself & question Authority... SIGNAL2NOISE RATIO & 2TO6 Records

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