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Welcome to 2to6 Records web base.
2to6 Records is a small indie label dedicated in psychedelic trance for the late hours of the night.

--- OUT NOW --- --- FREE DOWNLOAD --- --- OUT NOW --- PHSIRIS - Make Friends With Meat… 2TO6 Records is proud to present this remarkable free release by the australian newcomer artist: PHSIRIS... ...Make Friends With Meat is the first release to show case Phsiris’s 4 on the floor psychedelic productions... With this release Phsiris delves more into the melodic side of the higher BPM psytrance while keeping a twisted psychedelic edge flowing through each track and taking the listener on journey of their own... A release that evokes the comical, playful side as well as the deeper more emotive side... Enjoy, 2TO6 Records
--- OUT NOW --- METHEXIA --- OUT NOW --- "MÉTHEXIS" is a Greek expression for “participation”. Our aim is to increase the MÉTHEXIS of female producers in the psy-scene! We feel it’s not about women vs. men - our goal is to melt female and male energies in both of us: "MÉTHEXIA"! This EP is the first of many more to come - MÉTHEXIA EPs are planned to be released every few months, packed with pumping psychedelic music: Forest - Dark - Hitech - we strive to cover every range of faster psysounds for the dancefloor. On this EP we present four brilliant acts: Sofiax & Paul Karma, Yara, Kya and Twisted Kala - enjoy! Compiled by Noreia (2to6 Records) & Iken (2to6 Records/ Fantazy Records)...

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