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Based on a Switzerland/Brazil connection, formed in 2008, 2to6 records was co-founded by Vince LeBarde (Electrypnose) & Luis (Baphomet Engine / Psyhamaa). After the well-appreciated label Kabrathor Records closed its doors, where Vince & Luis were involved, they decided to continue the journey together with a fresh and better-established structure.

Our main intention is to release high quality music for the late hours of the night. With a growing connection between artists, deejays, sound engineers and promoters worldwide, our aim is to gather people with a common interest in deep psychedelic trance.

Being a team having artists with a well marked presence in the scene, 2to6 Records has the potential to rise quickly up to the level of other psychedelic trance labels, and our goal is to establish a long life and growing activity. 2to6 Records team also includes reference mastering engineers working with top-quality equipment, to guarantee you the best sonic experiences. High quality music around a cool concept is our way to go, with the design of the growing artist Ayalien, we wish to share with you an experience which as been motivating us for years. Nowadays, 2to6 records is co-managed by Vince LeBarde (Electrypnose), Ingo (Xabbu) and Oli (Gargamel, Malice in Wonderland) Thanks for your attention and interest.